About Us


Established by founding partners Rick Marschall and Jonathan Barli, the vision and commitment of Rosebud Archives is to celebrate the cultural heritage of the cartoon and graphic arts – preservation, scholarship, restoration, quality reproductions in prints, stationery, portfolios, books, and other exciting forms.

Utilizing the newest, and constantly updated technologies, Rosebud Archives is devoted to producing a wide array of graphic masterpieces from America and around the world.

01 Rosebud Archives draws upon a vast image-bank spanning more than two centuries, building upon its foundation in the legendary collection of Rick Marschall. From facsimile reproductions of rare images to portfolios and framed art of great artists, cartoonists, and illustrators to publications including “best of” compilations and “complete works,” Rosebud Archives will take cartoon art and our graphic heritage to new levels.

Rick Marschall has authored or edited more than 60 books and hundreds of magazine articles, mostly on comics and cartoons; he is the founder of both nemo and Hogan’s Alley magazines. Marschall has been called “perhaps America’s foremost expert on popular culture” by Bostonia Magazine.

Jonathan Barli received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and has been working on digitizing and restoring comic strips and cartoons for years, focusing his efforts in collecting and restoration both largely on “forgotten” cartoonists.