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A Comparison of Kley

We are fortunate here at Rosebud to be able to tap into a true wealth of material for our upcoming Heinrich Kley projects. As I’ve noted elsewhere, the work of Kley’s that has received the most attention by far is his pen and ink work, which marks much of his color work that we will be collecting as the first time so many of these images have seen the light of day since they were first released around 100 years ago. Not only is there a great wealth of material but also the same material found in different editions. Take, for example, this image as it originally appeared in an issue of Jugend magazine, precisely 100 years ago:

Now take a look at this very same image from an artist’s portfolio published around the same time:

Quite a difference, right? Leaving the obvious color shifts aside, something evident only upon closer examination is that the reproduction from the portfolio captures nuances from the original painting in greater detail than the magazine reproduction. Not only does this afford us the opportunity to reproduce from the best source materials, but it also provides an essential comparison for the restoration of other pieces; to present them as accurately and as close to the artist’s intentions as possible.

- Jonathan Barli


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