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In the Attic

Recently, a friend of mine purchased a home a few blocks away from where I live. As she was giving me the tour of her house, towards the end, I climbed up to the attic. I looked around at what obviously needed cleaning, and then saw what looked to be a very old newspaper. I leaned over and looked at the date: October 12, 1939. I asked her to save it for me since there might be comics in there! And waddaya know, there were! The paper was filthy, brittle and in rough shape overall, but the comics were salvageable… in the digital realm. No less than 17 comic strips and panel cartoons on a single day in 1939. Practically two full pages worth of comics in a daily newspaper.

Of course, the diamond in the rough for me was the Gluyas Williams cartoon:

I’ve often daydreamed of some such scenario: stumbling into a boarded-up shop, perhaps an attic or a garage sale, to find bound volumes of comics. While this find¬†is but a drop in the bucket it was a pleasure to find, even if it wasn’t worth¬†purchasing the house for…

- Jonathan Barli


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