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SKIPPY vs. the Mob – preview pages

Here are some preview pages from our new book, “SKIPPY vs. the Mob.”¬†Click on each image for enlargements. Enjoy!

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Ground Control to Major Tom

Things have been rather silent of late… or rather, they just appear to have been. Things have been brewing, and much attention has been focused on the upcoming Skippy book (slightly delayed after a recent development), and other exciting projects, as well as at least one new “avenue.” Skippy vs The Mob will be available in a few weeks, and then I’ll have some more time to post some visual treats.

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Thank you Brooklyn!

We had a blast on Saturday at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest! We met a ton of great people, local and visiting, had interesting talks, and found the enthusiastic response to our books and other items very encouraging. We’re looking forward to the next one! Thanks everyone!

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No Sleep Till Brooklyn

As mentioned earlier (or below, if you will), we will be attending the BROOKLYN COMICS & GRAPHICS FESTIVAL this upcoming Saturday, from 12 – 9PM. ¬†We’ll have advance copies of our new books, stationery, as well as super-secret preview copies of some future books as well as announcements of big projects, vintage material, and eye-candy galore! Do make a point to come visit us and support the show!

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Your Bird’s-Eye View of the Day

A map from 1937 courtesy of Tony Sarg

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Entomological Aesthetics

This past Friday I attended the opening of the new Chris Ware exhibit at the Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York City. There were many notable personalities there that I spotted: Chip Kidd, Charles Burns, Fran√ßoise Mouly, Adrian Tomine, and others. One attendee I didn’t expect to see, though, swooped in from the ceilings, decending on an acrylic-covered original and looked it over.

When I returned a bit later to see how this little fellow was faring, he was gone. Probably on to admire a different piece. But it just goes to show you: even the insects in Manhattan are critics.

- Jonathan Barli

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Your (belated) Bird’s-Eye-View of the Day

Courtesy of Hanneman, from an ad in a 1910 issue of Simplicissimus.

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From Deep Within the Archives…

As I mentioned last week, Rick and I embarked on a road trip to relocate a portion (say, only about a 26′ truck’s worth) of his collection. The next week or so was spent going through it all, which, for me, was an educational experience, not to mention one filled with wide-eyed views of various gems that I will be sharing here with you all, as well as some to be used for upcoming projects. One such gem was this newspaper clipping from 1962 focusing on a then-retrospective-looking lad with a budding obsession. How things have changed…

- Jonathan Barli

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Your Bird’s-Eye-View of the Day

Courtesy of John Gruelle, from Judge magazine

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We’re Back

Apologies for the scant blog posts of late. There was a long and nearly-disastrous, but nonetheless successful trip moving a large portion of the archives that has left us bleary-eyed; both from exhaustion and from looking through some astonishing material. I will write more about the trip this week once my sanity catches up with me.  

- Jonathan Barli