The Wide Open Spaces – Panorama Cartoons by Gluyas Williams

Gluyas Williams was cartooning’s hidden hero; in person, as quiet as his work. Cartoonists and fans marvel at his clean lines, flawless compositions, and spotting of blacks. In this oversized PadFolio, you will see the full extent of his brilliance; the finest of the finest by the cartoonists’ cartoonist as he spread his wings, as it were, over double-page spreads in the pages of nearly century-old magazines. Panoramic views of… historic events? Frenzied attractions? Crazy mêlées? No. Here you will find family picnics. Hotel lobbies. Neighborhood get-togethers. The warp and woof of more than American middle-class life: of human nature, of people at their most common, basic, modest preoccupations. The genius of – and in – the everyday. It is the modest magic of a Gluyas Williams panorama. After years of research and restoration, this splendid work has finally been compiled into one anthology. Panoramas of affection and associations, by cartooning’s hidden hero.

12×16           50 plates